Polyurethane foam moulding

A strategy oriented to the search for its own identity aimed at making the company "unique and distinctive" among the manufacturers in its sector was what encouraged and supported the growth.

This is why Espo activated a continuous quest to discover and acquire materials and technologies capable of improving the quality, functionality and design their own products.

Its production success is entirely managed within its production facilities including the painting and any pre-assembly. This allows the control and guarantee of three basic elements of the supply:

Fast delivery time
Precision and quality of the product
Confidentiality in product design


Polyurethane is an extraordinary material for its qualities of adaptability and resistance.

It is a polymer formed by the union of two chemical substances: Polyol and Isocyanate.

These two components are combined and blended by a specific foam dispensing machine; the resulting chemical reaction in the first place makes the material expand and immediately after solidifies it.

Long lasting
Excellent paintability

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